Writing is the painting of the voice

Throughout history, paper has been the most widely used material for drawing and writing. Those two features differentiate the level of civilization in human beings compared to the rest of factors in our environment.

It is believed that writing and numbering where developed to solve the need of counting crops 8,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Previously it was done on stone or wooded boards.

It is estimated that it is not until the year 3000 A.C. and by the Egyptian civilization when the technique of obtaining fiber sheets from papyrus was discovered. After that, Chinese civilization developed what we now know as paper. The paper-civilization connection has been total. In the absence of this circumstance, development would not have been possible.

Unfortunately, we are currently living in a world where digital and electronic media are gaining ground.

In REVERS we want to stand up for this wonderful material, capable of transmitting emotions when we read, draw, write, learn or play through different textures, smells or even sounds that a sheet of paper generates. That is why we have opted for printing REVERS’s new catalog in an XPER offset first-class material, which conveys the ALU-RAIL® system’s’ values.

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